We invest in resilient growth.

Republic Capital is a growth-stage investment advisory focused on profitability and resiliency.

Republic Capital has over $910M AUM with capital deployed across 60+ companies worldwide as of September 30, 2021.

Republic Capital was established in January 2019.

We select investments based on business fundamentals with a focus on unit economics and resilient revenue.

Our portfolio companies are poised not just to withstand a downturn, but to emerge even stronger.

In other words, companies that don’t need endless venture capital to survive.

Our Team

Boris Revsin

Head of Republic Capital

Christian Sullivan

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Julian Jung

Managing Director

Brian Johnson

Senior Director, Head of Operations

Michael Graver

Senior Director

Jawwad Khan

Senior Director

Mo Islam

Head of Research

Leo Batali

Senior Associate

Jon Mariano

Director of Project Management

Kelsey Shakin

Project Manager

Bharat Kesavan

Director of Strategy and Finance

Erin Tice

Lead Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Republic Capital

Justin Cacciatore

Deal Counsel, Republic Capital

Amber Breimeir

Regulatory Counsel

Adina Fischer

Manager of Operations

Shawn Burridge

Operations Manager, Crypto Fund

Sasha Derby

Investment Analyst

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